Our Savings Products

We have a Variety of marvellous Savings products Designed to help customers achieve Financial Goals.

Ordinary Savings Account

It is an Account that can be used for processing of salaries, pensions, farm proceeds & normal savings.

Junior Digital Account

This Account Provides a plan for investing in your childs/dependants' future.(Opened on behalf of minor)

Fixed Deposit Account

An investment Account that pays very attractive Interest rates.Funds Fixable for Periods between 3-12 Months.

Group/Chama Account

An Account tailored for Formal/Informal groups with the aim of saving & preparing for investment opportunities.

Business Account

A convenient account for Conducting Business transactions and accumulating business profits.Can be opened in an Individual's name, Joint names or a Businesses name

Bakisha Account

Designed for small scale entreprenuers eg) Mamamboga,Bodaboda,Juakali operators,Kiosk owners, etc.It Promotes Daily savings from Business proceeds.