We are Lainisha Sacco

We share our captivating Story of growth and innovation from being a Rural sacco to being a Premier Savings and Credit organizatization of choice to Members of mixed professions, hence our Slogan; Always My Choice

Our Journey.

Our road starts back in the Early 1990's when We used to be the Banking Section of Mwea Amalgamated Rice Growers Society.

The Amalgamation Later Separated into two; Mwea Rice Growers Multipurpose with production & marketing as its core business and Mwea Rice Farmers Sacco (now; Lainisha Sacco Society Ltd) with Savings and Credit as its core business.

On 21st January 1993, Mwea Rice Farmers Sacco was established under the ministry of Co-operative development and Marketing as an Autonomous Savings and Credit Organization.

The society mainly drew its' members from rice farmers in the main Mwea Irrigation Scheme which comprises of five sections namely:- Tebere, Mwea, Thiba, Wamumu and Karaba.


In November 2014, The Society Rebranded to Lainisha Sacco Society and Opened its common bond.
Since then, the Society accepts membership from individuals of all walks and professions including; Civil Servants, Youth & Women Groups, Small scale Traders like Mamamboga/BodaBoda, Horticultural Farmers Business people, etc. And has been able to recruit over 7,000 new members from this sectors.

The Sacco Operates as a going concern and has operations in both FOSA and BOSA.

Lainisha is Committed to be the leading SACCO in offering viable financial services to members for sustainable economic and social growth. And shall continue innovating products tailored to our customer needs.

Major Milestones

Over time, we've had Continous innovation that has attributed to tremendous Sacco growth, and improved Member operations.

Our Sole purpose is to Enhance our Members financially in turn Improving their livelihoods as per our name,Lainisha Sacco .

Key innovations we have had to improve Customer Satisfaction;

  • Loan Products Tailored to Customer Needs.
  • Implementation of Alternative Banking Channels.
    (ATM, Mobile Banking, Agency Banking and Internet Banking)
  • Investing in Technology & Computer Systems.
  • Implementating Customer First policies for efficient Service Delivery.

Our key priority in the 2020-2025 Strategic Plan is to: propel the organization to exponential growth.
It's focus areas are; Financial Growth & Stability, Operational Efficiency, Membership Growth, Governance & Leadership and Human Resource Management.