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@ Head Quarters

Board Chairman & Lainisha Officials handing over Financed Tractor.

@Wamumu, Rurii Vision Women.

Group Education Meeting with Members of Rurii Vision Women Group.

@ Head Quarters

Share drive 2021 32 Inch TV winner.

@ Nguka Market, Benki Mashinani.

Marketing Officer With a customer.

@Head quarters, Boda Boda Financing.

Handing over Boda Boda Financed by the sacco.

@ Head quarters

Share drive 2021 Meko winner.

@Ndorome, Benki Mashinani.

Vice chair BOD, CEO and Marketing Staff Launching an Agent's outlet.

@kandongu, Benki Mashinani.

Marketing Officials at An Agent's outlet.

@Nguka, CSR

Shade Constructed for Boda Boda riders as part of giving back to the community.

@ Head Quarters

Share drive 2021 Goat winner.

Boda Boda Group Account Holders.

Boda Boda Group Account holders During a Lainisha Road Show.

@Head Quarters


@Mahigaini, Benki Mashinani.

Marketing Officials at An Agent's outlet.

@Mwaricho Grounds, Asset Financing.

Handing over Tuk Tuk Financed by Lainisha Sacco.

@ Head Quarters

BOD Lainisha & Visiting geusts

@Kandongu, Benki Mashinani.

Directors & Marketing Officials At an Agent's Outlet.

Lainisha B.O.D & Staff.

@Kenya Shool Of Leadership.

Lainisha Sacco Roadshow

Road show-Interactively Perfoming Member education.

@Kenya School of Leadership.

Team Building activity.