Agency Banking

In a bid to have Services Closer to the people, We have select Agent Outlets.

Members transact From the Agents closer to their homes in a programme dubbed, Benki Mashinani.

Services Members enjoy at Agency Outlets;

  • Withdraw From Account.
  • Deposit to Account.
  • Enquire Account Balance and Mini-statements.
  • Enquire Loan Balance or Repay Loan.
  • Buy Sacco Shares Both Share capital and Non-withdrawable Deposits.
  • Request ATM Card.
  • Open an Account if a new Member.

Agency Outlets Location

Below are Locations You can access Lainisha Agency Banking Services ;


Lainisha HQ

Located at Mwea Town, Lainisha Office premises, near the Gate.


Modesty Chemist

Located at Mwea Town, Along Nairobi-Embu Highway and Next to KCB Bank.


Vipemo Enterprises

Located at Ndorome Market, @ Dickson's Shop, Behind Tuxedo Agrovet.


Castam Investments

Located at P.I Junction (Mwea), @Samuel's Shop Outlet.


Utugi Traders

Located at Kiumbu Market, @Daniel's Ndung'u Shop Outlet.


Wisdom Gen Shop

Located at Kandongu Market, @Johnstone's Shop Outlet.


Allete Beauty Shop

Located at Wamumu, W5, @Lucy's Shop Outlet.


Max Electronics

Located at Mahigaini Market, @Raphael's Shop Outlet.


Immaculate Shop

Located at Kiriko Market, @Immaculate's Shop Outlet.


Mwangaza Shop

Located at Mwea Town, Opposite Merica Filling Station, Near the Market Area @ Beatrice's Shop Outlet.